Why We Use Automatic Garage Door Openers

Garages are built to keep our vehicles safe and in good shape when they are not in active use – thus, they form as important a part of the vehicle’s maintenance as the vehicle itself. With the passage of time, the designs in which the garages are built have become more sophisticated and modernised.
The automatic garage door, which was invented as early as 1920, became popular with many garage and vehicle owners 1950 onwards. However, they attained widespread popularity and acceptance only in the last two or three decades when the number of affluent urban residents in the world increased by leaps and bounds. At present, these automatic door openers are a part and parcel of the garages themselves – and they are so vital to garage maintenance that it is difficult for a vehicle or garage owner to possess a garage without having such a door opener.
How they changed over the years
The most important aspect of the evolution of automatic garage door openers through the years has been the noise reduction. In the yesteryears, the amount of noise produced by garages used to be too large and it caused significant disruption in most human activities carried out in the vicinity of the garages. The modernisation of the garage furnishings ensured that the production of such disruptive noise was no longer present in the door openers – the latest varieties are quiet silent, yet more effective than their traditional counterparts.
What are the best features to look for?
The efficacy of a door depends on several factors. Generally, the best varieties are the ones which, once installed, do not need too much servicing or too regular maintenance checks. These are the ones which are generally long lasting and highly efficient. Usually, the good quality door openers are provided with plenty of horsepower to effortless handle even heavy doors. An alternative power source also comes packed along with these good quality ones. The level of noise produced by the door openers, as discussed earlier, also needs consideration while comparing the qualities.
Besides noise production and efficiency in handling doors, automatic garage door openers also need to be synchronised with the security systems installed in the house. This is especially important because the garage, in most cases, provides an indirect route to the inside of the house. Thus, appropriate security mechanisms need to be installed in these garage doors before they are rendered fully usable.

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