Why is Your Garage Door Warping?

You expect a lot from your garage door. You expect it to keep weather and critters out of your home, and you want it to protect your vehicles and other belongings. So why shouldn't it expect a lot from you? Taking action when something is wrong with your door is highly beneficial for your home. A warped garage door is not a functional garage door.

Warping occurs when a garage door appears almost caved in. The top portion of a garage door tends to bow more often than the bottom, but you should not discount either type.

You should be able to tell immediately that something is wrong with the door simply by looking at it. If you don't see it first, you will likely hear it if you try to open or close the door.

Warping can occur in wooden and steel garage doors. Wooden doors are especially susceptible, in spite of the fact that they may look beautiful. Extreme temperatures can impact the door's quality and structure. Steel doors do not experience warping as often, but they can be at higher risk if the garage door opener is not strong enough to handle the door.
You can prevent a warped garage door if the damage is caused by problems like weather damage. Paint and seals can prevent warping, especially for wooden doors that are prone to weather damage. Weatherstripping is another crucial step. Taking these steps prevents moisture from getting into the garage.

Prevention in this manner can be difficult to do on your own, especially because you need to clean and prepare the area early on.
Fixing a warped garage door may be possible. The situation depends entirely on the extent of the warping and where the damage is situated. If you catch warping early enough, you may be able to fix the problem before it becomes more expensive to manage.

For example, you may need to replace only a few panels if the door has damage limited to a specific area. If damage is prominent all over the door, you will likely need to replace the door in its entirety. And of course, if your garage door does not contain easy-to-fix panels, you probably need to replace the entire door.

If your garage door is very difficult to open or close, you need to replace the entire door as well. The garage door opener may not be able to handle the weight of the door, and trying to fix the issue could mean that it just happens again.
Replacing your garage door may be the best option. Fortunately, this option provides you with the perfect opportunity to choose something in a style you love, perhaps giving your home an entirely new look and feel.

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You must address the problem, no matter how mild it seems now. Eventually, the pressure of lowering and raising a bowed garage door could mean that the rails start to give way. This can result in damage not only to your garage door and opener but also the items inside your garage.