The Ups and Downs of Garage Exterior Wood Doors

Many view the garage as simply a place to park the car, store your stuff or hide out when your spouse is on the warpath. While all of these uses have merit, they merely scratch the surface of what is possible. Yes, the garage will store your car, but with the clever use of exterior wood doors and other design features, it’s also the perfect vehicle for sprucing up your home’s curb appeal.
By not tapping into that potential, you’re ignoring a facet of your home that can have a major impact thanks to its size and location. But take heart, because it to doesn’t have to be that way. It’s just a matter of changing your perspective and seeing exterior wood doors in a whole new light.
Strike a Match
Would you prefer to mix or match? If you’d rather not commit on that, or you’re a guy and thus incapable of committing, there’s good news: You don’t have to! By blending the two approaches with exterior wood doors, you can achieve much more than using either one on its own.
Where the home’s fa├žade employs a light color like cream or beige with a darker toned roof, use that same dark shade for the garage’s exterior wood doors and admire the results. As well, if your property’s layout lends itself to this, you might try painting the garage and shutters in identical hues. The combination of mixing and matching will be striking and a real attention-getter as long as you commit to it. Yes, there’s always a catch.
Arch Your Front
The most famous arches may be golden, but your house can be almost as noteworthy if you incorporate the brick variety with exterior wood doors. Garages that are otherwise unremarkable lose the “un” when you surround them with classic brick arches. Sure, these arches can’t brag about “10 billion served”, but they CAN give your home front a look that’s one of a kind.
A High Pane Threshold
Maybe you’re happy with the style and color of your garage door, yet you still feel it needs “something”. That “thing” could take the form of glass panels inserted at the top of exterior wood doors. In addition to being inviting and unique, they treat your garage interior to some natural light without exposing it to prying eyes.
Make it a Double
Except where spouses are concerned, generally if one is good, two are better. Depending on your needs, double exterior wood doors for your garage may fit the bill. From a practical standpoint, it nicely accommodates two vehicles and extra storage, and it can also score high on aesthetics if you paint both doors to match the home’s exterior.
Read Between the Lines
If you prefer a look for your garage that whispers rather than shouts, subtle paneling on exterior wood doors can speak volumes about your knack for design. Even on a traditional style home dressed in muted colors, this approach makes a statement, stressing class over brash and providing an added touch without overdoing it.
The garage may not be the star of the show in this instance, but it’s part of a strong ensemble cast that’s greater than the sum of its parts.
Regardless of the size and structure of your garage, there are numerous ways to enhance its appearance and the contribution it makes to your home’s overall image. By simply changing the color, fashioning a classic accent or adding windows, you’ll be amazed at the transformation.
Just keep one thing in mind: If you still plan to use it as a hideout, lose the windows.

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