The Impacts of Summer Heat on your Garage Doors

When the hot summer sun beats down on your garage door, negative outcomes can happen if you don’t take precautions quickly. Here are ways the summer heat can impact your garage doors...

  • Humidity

The summer can be especially dangerous to garage doors if there’s a high level of humidity. Because wooden garage doors can absorb a lot of moisture during humid weather. This excess moisture can cause wood to swell, warp or even rot.

  • Sensor issues due to glare

Something else to watch for in summer is glare from the sun affecting your garage door’s sensors. This could also cause the garage door remote to malfunction. If the suns glare is affecting your sensors we recommend shading the sensor. You can use a simple piece of cardboard to give shade.

  • Color Fading from direct sunlight

We recommend cleaning, waxing and applying a fresh coat of paint approximately every two years before the summers heat. This will prevent any fading in your color.

  • Power loss due to storms 

Thunderstorms are common in summer which can lead to power loss. Protect yourself by using a single plug surge protector.

One of the best ways to protect your garage door in the summer months is to schedule a check up with a technician from Ramirez Overhead Door. We can do a thorough check of both your garage door remote and garage door parts to make sure your garage door can stand the heat.