The Essential Garage Door: Safety, Security, and Curb Appeal

Historically, people who could afford to purchase cars housed them in the same buildings where they kept their horses and buggies. Eventually, however, these people got tired of having their cars smell like a stable, so they began housing their vehicles in large buildings that were built to accommodate as many as 100 cars. Of course, when Ford developed the production line, cars became more available to a less affluent segment of the population, and public garages could no longer keep up with the demand. Therefore, people began to build single structures where they could keep their cars protected right on their own property. With the advent of private garages came the need for garage doors.
Garage owners quickly became aware that these structures were useful for storing tools and objects other than the family car. As people acquired more tools for yard work, mowers, snow blowers, and all the other accouterments that are necessary for keeping up lawns, driveways, and flowers, the garage became the natural place to store them. Pretty soon thieves were taking advantage of this situation, because early garage doors weren’t nearly as secure as the ones we have today. Manufacturers began producing heavier, insulated doors with safety features, locking systems, and garage door openers to keep these buildings more secure.
Today we have a multitude of different styles and types of garage doors, locks, and openers to choose from. People who live in the northern parts of the United States need a door that can withstand the extreme weather conditions. After all, both cold, freezing temperatures and blazing hot sunshine can damage doors and will over time. You want to purchase the best equipment you can afford. This is not a time to go to a general big box store to buy something they have on sale. Instead, you want to find a local store where sales assistants can give you information about the different doors they sell as well as offer you advice on which doors will be best for you. They can also suggest doors that will look well with your house.
A garage door, installation, and a door opener are expensive, so you want to make sure you do it right the first time. Buying the wrong door or opener can cause you to have hundreds of dollars worth of repair bills. If the opener you install isn’t strong enough to raise the heavy door you bought, you’re going to have the expense of replacing the opener before very long. Even though builders know the type of opening equipment they need to install based on the size of the door, they often prefer to put in cheap openers with smaller motors just to cut costs. If you are building a home, be sure they give you the proper equipment.

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