Contemporary Garage Doors

Contemporary garage doors are stunning and can bring a touch of sophistication to homes of any style. Ramirez Overhead Doors carries modern, contemporary doors that are as hard working as they are great looking.

Clopay’s Modern® Steel Garage Doors

Modern Steel™ garage doors are available with a wide variety of options to suit your taste and your home’s appearance. Whether your home is mid-century modern, contemporary, or somewhere in between, these beautiful and durable steel-panel garage doors will add curb appeal to your home's exterior.

Clopay’s Avante® Steel Garage Doors

Customize your Clopay® Avante® garage doors with your choice of aluminum frame and panel combination. Control the privacy and amount of light to let into the room based on the type of panels you select, which come in glass, acrylic, polygal or solid aluminum finish. The aluminum frame is available in several standard colors: clear aluminum (anodized), standard white, bronze (painted), chocolate (painted), bronze (anodized), black (anodized), or dark bronze (anodized). If you need a very specific frame color, our ColorBlast® program allows you to select any color you want or pick from hundreds of Sherwin-Williams® color options.

Martin Cornerstone Garage Doors

Safety, quality and durability have always been Martins first priority. This traditional door is no exception, a beautiful door built to last. Martin gives you a multitude of options for making your garage door your very own.

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