How To Prevent Rust On Your Garage Door

Do you have rust on your garage door? If so, it’s a sure sign of corrosion and a sign it’s time to either replace your garage door or the parts that are rusted. 

Typically, rust on garage doors and parts is caused by a few things. An older garage door made from aluminum or steel might rust over time as it gets exposed to water, dirt, and snow. Another cause is simply having a dirty garage door. Since soil can contain high pH levels and traps water and oxygen, the dirt can accelerate rust growth. Rain, humidity, and even salt used for clearing snow can also contribute to a rusty garage door.

How to prevent rust on your garage door

  • Clean your garage door on a regular basis. Make sure you use a gentle detergent or soap and water. Use caution when cleaning around the garage door springs.
  • Apply silicone lubricant to the garage door’s joints, springs and pulleys twice a year. This will help your garage door work quietly and smoothly as well as help keep rust at bay.
  • Wipe and dry your garage door after it rains or snows.

Worried about rust on your garage door? The team at Ramirez Overhead Door can help with garage door service, repair or help you choose a new garage door.