How to Cover Garage Walls for Party Time

If you’re planning on throwing a party in your garage this summer, you’ll want to make sure that the walls are covered! Not only will this help protect your walls from possible damage, but more importantly, it hides all your junk!

This is the key to setting the mood for the party. There are a number of different ways to cover your garage walls. We’ll discuss a few of them below, giving you some amazing decorating ideas to transform your garage. So whether you’re looking to throw a 4th of July BBQ or just want to have a fun party with friends and family, these tips will help get you started!

Hosting a part in your garage is the ultimate compromise between being outside, but not constantly being the in sun. Not ready to have 30 people passing through your house at any given time? Don’t have a nice deck and pool? Have several kids coming that want to finger paint? I think you’re getting the point here… Garage party time!

Why a Garage Party
The real question should probably be: why not a garage party? Do you really need a reason to host an outdoor party with family and friends in a situation where you don’t need to clean up the house (before or after)? I think not. But if you’re looking for a few reasons, here are some good ones…

  • More people & extra space
  • Less mess (who cares about spills on concrete garage floor?)
  • A great excuse to BBQ and spend time outdoors
  • Refuge from sun and rain in spring/summer and cold in the fall

There are tons of events that can be held outdoors and in a garage space if weather permits. The most popular ones are always the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and of course, graduation celebrations. These are each great opportunities to to spend time outside with friends and family.

Another common garage party idea is for kids birthdays. There’s more space for kid games, balloons, decorations, and other festive activities.

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