How to Buy the Best Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers

Buying a garage door and opener can be both difficult and time-consuming. When buying a door or opener you are not just buying a product, you a buying a complete service that’s why it very important that you choose a professional company to carry out all work and once the work is completed you need a team that is reliable and can always help you, if you do have a problem. Choosing a quality product is always cheaper in the long run, as service and labour costs are rising, we like to say do it once and do it right, and not only that, if you do it right it’s always working you need it be, like when it’s cold and raining or late at night.
To help choose the correct product here are some tips:
1. What types of materials are used in the product, steel, plastics, aluminum etc?
Some motors have steel or aluminum chassis, some brands use all plastic.
2. Product advantages, security, noise, safety etc. Does it have a build in safety system? Is it a smooth and quiet motor?
24v motors tend to be smoother and quieter. Advantage = great if you have a bedroom above or near the garage. Motors that reverse when they hit an obstruction are a must have.
3. What security features does it offer? How many security codes? Fixed or code hoping?
Rolling code and cope hoping remotes are more secure. Evey click of the remote chances the code offering greater protection. So selecting a remote with this feature would be wise.
4. Types of motors. Is it a Low voltage 24v or High voltage 240v?
Some brands use bigger transformers to increase motor size and power, others increase the motor size itself.
5. Servicing while under warranty? Is there an ongoing service charge to keep the warranty?
Some companies charge and require a yearly service call to retain the warranty, while others have no ongoing service charge costs to retain the warranty. This can save you hundreds of dollars over a period of time.
6. Is it using electronics limits, sensitivity etc that can reset? Or is it using manual adjustments?
Products that have manual adjustments are less likely to need servicing and are less likely to fail.
7. Cost of running? What power saving features does it offer?
24v motors (Low voltage) and LED courtesy lights are much cheaper to run compared to traditional lights and 240v motors.
8. How long do the globes last?
LED lights are long-lasting and cheap to run, saving you on your power bills.
All garage door and garage openers repairs should only be carried out by trained professionals, do it yourself repairs can not only be dangerous, they can be very expensive. Garage doors are the largest moving items in the family home. Regular service and maintenance is recommended and always select a company with expertise in the door industry.

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