How to Avoid Garage Door Repair Scams

Key takeaways:

  • Garage door scammers target homeowners in need of emergency service.
  • After you contact one of these scammers, they perform unnecessary repairs with unneeded parts and charge expensive fees for these services.
  • Garage door scammers prey on the homeowner’s lack of knowledge of garage door part and service costs.

If your garage door breaks, it’s important to get it serviced quickly to help keep your home safe and secure. Finding a garage door company to come to your home and make repairs the same day you call is a modern convenience we expect.

What we don’t expect is to be overcharged for unnecessary parts and service by a professional garage door company that appears at the top of our internet search results. Unfortunately, garage door scams are popping up in cities throughout the United States and Canada, especially when a homeowner needs emergency service.

The garage door industry trade associations and manufacturers have created a video series to help homeowners learn how to spot a scam and avoid over-paying for unnecessary repairs and parts.