Hosting a Garage Party: What You Need to Know

Your garage can be much more than just a place for storage and parking your cars. You can turn your garage into just about anything depending on the space you have. A great use for your garage is to host a garage party.

Sometimes finding a venue to host a party can be difficult. You may not want all the commotion taking place in your house or you don’t have sufficient backyard space. Transforming your garage into a party place can be done pretty easily.

Clean It Out
If you’re like most people, your garage may be a little messy and need some sprucing up before you can entertain guests.

This may just mean moving a few items around to clear up space or you might need a complete garage overhaul.

In such a case, check out our article on how to organize and clean your garage so you won’t have to worry about cleaning every time you want to have friends and family over.

Also, be sure to tuck away anything that can cause injuries like tools or other bulky objects. The last thing you need is someone hurting themselves which could’ve been avoided if you cleaned up beforehand.

Garage Party Decor and Other Essentials

No party is complete without the right decorations and accessories. This includes garage parties. Depending on the occasion, put up balloons, streamers, banners or anything else you can think of.

Remember to have enough seating for everyone, tables for snacks and drinks and enough space for guests to hangout or even a dance floor!

If you host a garage party during the big game, having a big enough TV is crucial.

Also, don’t forget the music. Make sure to have some sort of sound system playing to play your favorite hits.

Another useful accessory is a wall mounted bottle opener. Place a garbage can underneath to catch the caps and nobody has to worry about asking for a bottle opener.

The best part about hosting a garage party is that you can turn your garage into anything you want. You don’t have to worry about messing with your home’s interior. Your garage is a blank canvas that has endless possibilities.

Install a Garage Door Screen
Once you have one garage party, you’ll want to have more. Summertime is perfect for garage parties because you can open up the garage door to let in the fresh air.

Investing in a garage door screen is a great idea for anyone who plans on spending a lot of time in the garage over the summer. It’ll keep bugs and other animals out that might be attracted to the food during parties.

They’re also great because you have the option of airing out your garage in the summer so it doesn’t get stuffy inside.

Some even feature a door so you and your guests can easily walk through in case your party extends to the yard or driveway.

Make Guests Feel at Home

Hosting a garage party might sound like you’re limiting your guests because it’s not in your actual home.

That’s why it’s important to make your guests comfortable. Aim to make your garage feel less like a garage and more like an extension of your home.

You can get rid of the typical garage feeling by the way you decorate it for the party. Or, you can give your garage a complete makeover by turning it into a living space once and for all.

If you think your garage is past its prime and there’s no saving it, then consider building a new one from scratch.

Be Mindful of the Neighbors
Anytime you’re planning to host a party, it’s important to keep your neighbors in mind. Since your garage is more open and doesn’t have as thick of walls, sounds will be louder to people outside of the garage.

Nobody likes a noisy neighbor, so just be sure that you inform your neighbors that you’ll be hosting a party ahead of time.

Be the Ultimate Garage Party Host
Hosting a party in your garage has many benefits over the traditional house party. You can decorate your garage any way you’d like and you don’t have to worry about messing anything up in the house.

Making sure to be mindful of your neighbors and ensuring your guests feel at home will guarantee a successful party.