Go All Out With Eye Catching Contemporary Garage Doors

Contemporary garage doors are one of the best ways to modernize the look of your home. They come in a wide array of styles, designs and colors that choosing one will be a great challenge for you.
When choosing a garage door, be guided with design and color compatibility. Many manufacturers are offering customized models so you would have no problem staining or painting them to match your house. Make sure also that your door carries an adequate amount of insulation to keep the inside of your garage warm and comfortable all year long. Online retailers (i.e hillcountrydoors.com and glassgaragedoors.com) have a large inventory of offerings at competitive prices.
Contemporary Glass/Aluminum Garage Doors:
Hill Country Garage Doors is proud of this full-view door which can be partnered with insulated designer glass to create a really modern overall home appearance. You have the option to order either a bronze or clear anodized aluminum and numerous power-coat colors. There are also several glass options for you to choose from, including hammered glass, frosted glass and reeded glass and you can them with many glazing options. The standard dimensions include 1 and 3/4 inches thick of 204R1 clear aluminum rails and stiles.
Glass Garage Doors:
This glass door from Bryce Parker Co. is an attractive replacement that would sure tickle your senses. The door models BP-350 and BP-450-HD have unique aesthetic appeal, durability and maximum light transmission without compromising your privacy. The door frames are built with extruded aluminum alloy, a material known for its durability and superior strength which is double that of a standard aluminum alloy. The doors are designed to withstand impact and extreme harsh conditions. Plus, they require less maintenance.
Contemporary Metal Doors:
Garage Door Enterprises’ metal models are constructed from a combination of elements, allowing the company to offer may style options. The steel versions are available in basic mediums of stainless steel, glass, copper or brushed aluminum. The copper will coat over time but you have the option to have it coat instantly.
Modern/Contemporary Garage Doors by Madden Door and Sons Inc.:
These doors fill the garage with natural light for a stunning visual appeal and energy efficient usage. They can add dramatic impact to the modern-like structure of your home. They come with custom-made powder coating and glass options. These doors can help you create a live-work loft within your garage.
Panelmasta Contemporary Residential Sectional Garage Door:
This steel sectional overhead door has three deep lines, approximately 5mm, across each panel. It’s designed in such a way that it offers a subdued yet contemporary appearance for modern homes. The rigid sections are hinged together and the door opens vertically and then horizontally moves along the ceiling. The movement is counterbalanced with springs and guided by tracks. Its key features are tongue and groove edge panel, galvanized steel hinges, hi-tensile stiles, nylon wheels for ease and smooth operation, long lasting springs and rolled edges on stiles.
The door is available in various sizes ranging from 1485mm to as high as 3050mm and from 1751mm to as wide as 6100mm. You also have a choice of COLORBOND colors and woodgrain or smooth embossed finish.

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