Garage Doors Create a Bit of Barndo Envy

Look at that texture!

Move over farmhouse style. There's a new trending hashtag taking over Pinterest and Instagram. Say hello to #barndominium or #barndo for short.

Popularized by an episode of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”, barndominiums originated as existing barns converted into living spaces. As the trend evolves, many homebuyers are building them from the ground up.

They have all the desirable elements you find in traditional homes like high ceilings, large windows, a huge kitchen island as well as the signature connection with an outdoor living area at the push of a button… usually via a garage door.

What's the fascination besides a customizable cool factor on wide open land?

- Durability because they are usually made of steel.

- Quicker to build. Many come as kits.

- Multi-purpose space to live, work and play.

- Lots of room thanks to the open floor plan and optional lofts or add-on buildings.

- Indoor-outdoor living abounds. With high ceilings, you have space for really big doors and windows.

Visit the Clopay website to see more samples.