Garage Door Materials

Aluminum garage doors are usually found in commercial settings and not common for residential garage doors. Aluminum is typically only used for full view garage doors (doors which are made up of glass sections divided by aluminum stiles). Aluminum doors are rust-proof, and low maintenance.
Fiberglass and vinyl garage doors are composite units, combining a steel core behind a fiberglass or vinyl skin. They have also polyurethane insulated base sections or other types of foam insulation. These premium doors can match steel garage doors and be a realistic imitation of wood (namely fiberglass units), but they may be more expensive than steel units. Fiberglass doors are commonly used near the ocean where salt water can ruin regular steel doors.

Steel doors are the most common garage doors in today's market. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles, provide strength and security, are cost-competitive, and may have optional insulating value. Extra strength is available with two or three layers of galvanized steel with a low gauge number (0.6 - 0.7 mm steel panels). Wood garage doors offer aesthetic appeal, but they are high-maintenance and may be expensive. Low-priced wood garage doors may warp and break easily.

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