Garage Door Insulation Can Save You Thousands in Heating and Cooling Costs

Many homes are well insulated to protect their ability to keep heat inside in the winter and cold air from escaping in the summer. As well insulated as these homes are, however, a great deal of them are “leaving the door open” letting the heat and cold air out! If you think about it, insulating an entire home will hold all the air in, but if you open one door to the outside world, all of that air will escape (and outside temperatures will invade the home through the same path.
I know what your thinking, why would people leave a door open? Well the door they left “unguarded” is the garage door! You may not think about this but just about all the air in the home can eventually make its way out to the garage via the ceiling and attic areas. If your garage door insulation is not present, or is minimal, ineffective, or even installed incorrectly- this becomes the “open door” in your home!
You can save hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling bills simply by purchasing and installing garage door insulation. There are many kits on the market that make doing it yourself easy, economical, and even fun! Unlike your normal house wide insulation, garage door varieties are easy and quick (and cheap in comparison!).
You can do your homework online using Google to research your particular garage door. Once you’ve established your particular model, the next thing to figure out is what kind of insulation you want. There are many to choose from. Some kits install on both sides of the garage door (i.e. a reflective coating on the outside to bounce the suns rays off the door completely, as well as bubble foam coating to insulate the heat from entering the garage.
What you don’t know, or what you don’t insulate, can definitely cost you money. In today’s economy it may be harder to generate more money to offset your expenses, but there are many great ways to save money (which is like earning more actually). Garage door insulation is a vital component in your insulating construct- don’t take this for granted!

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