Clopay Garage Doors

Garage doors are an important part of a house. They are perhaps the least secure point of any house. As a result, it is expected that thorough attention is given to making it safe and secure. Clopay Doors gives you everything you want in a garage door. With their many excellent products and great design, getting the right door that adds allure to your house has never been easier. It should be of note that getting the best door is the most important thing and not getting the cheapest.
Clopay is the leading manufacturer of garage doors in North America, providing various doors for both commercial and residential use. Several garage door designs exist and with the different materials used available, getting the right door for your house is very easy. Some of the materials are steel, composite, wood, glass and aluminum.
Clopay doors are of two different levels Portfolio and Classic. The Portfolio level is made up of three exceptional products that are seen as the best when it comes to garage doors. One of these is the Coachman series. They are very durable and secure. The design is specially built to allow greater energy efficiency and with the styrene insulation used, they reduce noise and provide wonderful thermal protection.
The Portfolio collection also has the Reserve Collection that is made of woods. These beautiful doors are made from hard woods like redwood, cedar, hemlock etc. Though they are more expensive than the ordinary garage doors, they are still considerably cheaper than custom made doors. Wood garage doors require a continuous schedule of maintenance to keep the doors’ quality. This includes painting, stain or sealing. A number of fine designs are available for Clopay customers like the carriage door design.
The second line of Clopay garage doors is the Classic line doors that commonly used for building house. The doors are of a fine quality and are quite cheap. The Premium Series is made up of two sheets of galvanized steels with a third layer in between for insulation. Even at their comparatively low price, they still provide durability and strength for a long period of years and needs little or no maintenance.
To get more information about Clopay doors, you can check online or visit your Home Depot. The Home Depot will have all the different type of door available. They will also be able to help you make the decision as to the best door that suits your needs. And if you can’t install the door yourself, they can also help you get someone that is experienced to install the door.
Clopay garage doors are no doubt of high quality and good reputation. You can know the best door for you by checking out some stores and getting as much information as you need. As much as it is wise to buy the garage doors you can afford, it should also be noted that only the best door will do. The safety of your house should be more important than saving some extra change.

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