Can summer heat damage my garage door?

We’ve been getting this question quite a bit this summer, and our answer might surprise you. Yes, hot temps can in fact wreak havoc on your garage door.

One of the most common areas of the garage heat can affect is your garage door opener’s photo eye. When the sun gets bright, the glare can get in the way of your garage door opener’s photo eye, and that can cause the door to fail to open or close when you need it to. Additionally, the hot weather can cause your garage door opener remote to malfunction.

Then there’s the issue of thunderstorms that can get particularly strong in the summertime, especially closer to the ocean. Hail and wind can damage your garage door, and storms can also lead to a power outage or power surge that could cause the power in your garage to go out. To avoid this, we recommend using a single plug surge protector.

Humidity can also affect your garage door in the summertime. When there’s more moisture in the air than usual, it can cause garage doors to stick. We recommend lubricating your garage door parts once a month to help avoid this conundrum.

Warm summer weather can also cause wood garage doors to warp over time and the sun can fade garage door color, too. Cleaning and waxing your garage door can help counter fading, as can applying a fresh coat of paint to spruce up the color.

Once of the best ways to protect your garage door in the summer months is to schedule a check up with a technician from Ramirez Overhead Door.  We can do a thorough check of both your garage door remote and garage door parts to make sure your garage door can stand the heat.