Beat The Heat With Garage Door Insulation Kits

Ahh Summer! Having grown up in the deserts of south Texas, it’s my favorite time of year. I live a lot further north now, so it brings back memories.
But if you like to use your garage as a workshop, or an outdoor dining room for get togethers – summer may become a bit of an issue.
  • Bugs – we would all like to leave the doors up, but if the skeeters are feeding, that won’t work. So down come the doors. And if they aren’t insulated, on goes the heat!
  • Creepy crawly’s – we have snakes, and I bet you have something wherever you live. We don’t need these visiting – so down goes the door.
  • The heat! My God, the heat! It has been over 100 here this week, and going outside is like stepping into a blast furnace.
  • The neighbors – mine can smell hot dogs cooking from inside their houses. I don’t always want to share.
No if you have an un-insulated garage door, and it is down, it is going to feel like a radiator. The metal will be hot ot the touch, and you may as well be standing out in the sun.
But – take a few minutes to install an insulation kit, and that can all change.:
  • You can close the door – no more mosquitoes!
  • No more snakes and other critters – as long as your door seal is in place. A good way to test this is to close the door at night with the light on. Go outside – do you see light leaking underneath? If so, it is time for a new seal.
  • Now the door is cool to the touch. You’re blocking outside heat, and keeping in the cooling.
Guys – we are talking less money than a dinner for two at Outback. Installation only takes an hour. The payback is immediate, and lasts forever. Every month you save a little more on your electric bill, and use your garage in comfort a few more times. It is totally worth it!

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