All About Garage Flooring

All About Garage Door Flooring

All it takes is one look at your garage’s floor to know it’s one of the most important, hardest working places in your home. Your garage door floor has to withstand water, salt, and dirt, and most are covered in oil, grease, and rust stains.

But times are changing. Now, homeowners use their garages for many purposes, from man cave to workout room. And that requires a good-looking floor that can keep stains and puddles away.

One of the easiest ways to transform your garage's look and keep your garage floor looking its best is to apply a coat of sealer or epoxy, vinyl rolls, or tile. All these options are excellent, but which floor option you choose depends on your budget, style, and how you use your garage space.

Below are our tips for choosing the best garage floor covering for your garage.

Concrete sealers and stains

Concrete sealers are a very inexpensive option, and they can be applied quickly. This is a clear coating that covers the garage floor, making it easy to clean up gasoline and oil spills. It also protects the floor against water damage. Sealers are matte or gloss and can’t be used over painted floors.

Another similar option is concrete stains. Like sealers, they protect your garage floor. However, they contain pigment to add a touch of dimension to your floor.


Unlike paint, epoxy contains chemicals that bond tightly with the prepared surface. The result isn’t just a clean, great-looking floor but also one protected against spills, stains, and abrasions. Epoxy, if appropriately applied, won’t chip and is an excellent, long-lasting solution for your garage.

Look for epoxy coating designed for garage floors at your local home improvement store. Or contact us, and we can help you pick out the perfect epoxy coating for your garage.

Vinyl garage rolls

Vinyl garage rolls range in price, so they can work well with any budget. Made with very flexible PVC, it can withstand car traffic tire traction and is easy to clean. It’s also often slip-resistant when wet and is easy to install.

Vinyl garage rolls can be cut to the size of your garage and installed quickly and easily. You could use the vinyl flooring on your entire garage floor or just a portion. The possibilities are pretty endless.

Garage floor tiles

Garage door tiles come in various materials, from vinyl to plastic to ceramic. The most popular and cost-effective option is vinyl garage floor tiles. These come in several different thickness sizes colors and are interlocking to offer the perfect fit.

Another popular garage flooring choice is plastic garage floor tiles. Hard plastic flooring is great for garages that need top-notch durability, like commercial garages or residential garages that get a lot of vehicular traffic. Soft plastic flooring is also very durable but is quieter than harder flooring.

Of course, you could also choose ceramic porcelain tiles for your garage. These aren’t just great-looking and highly durable, long-lasting, and stain and scratch-resistant.  Ceramic porcelain flooring can often be seen in car showrooms, but it’s growing in popularity for homes and businesses.

Before choosing ceramic tiles for your garage, consider how they will be installed. It's a more expensive flooring option because they require additional materials and tools, especially if you hire a professional team to lay the tile.

What about carpet?

Good question. Carpet, whether in roll form or carpet tiles, isn’t a good choice for your garage unless you don’t house your car there. That’s because most carpet does not repel water, oil, gasoline, and other substances usually found in the garage.