Accent Your Garage Door

How to Accent Your Garage Door
The garage door stands out on most houses as one of the largest and most noticeable features on the building. Most times, garage doors can appear bland or have a lack of visual interest with their design, which affects the curb appeal of the house. Fortunately, there are a few ways to consider accenting your garage door to make it look contemporary and attractive.

Install Decorative Hardware
Adding decorative hardware to the exterior of your garage door is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to make a statement with the feature. Installing knobs, door pulls, and hinges will draw attention to specific areas of the door and can allow it to complement the building as a decorative feature installed. Use hardware that adds extra contrast, especially if you have a neutral garage door. Most people choose barn style hardware that is classic and won’t go out of style in future years.

Use Spotlights
Consider installing both spotlights and ambient lighting to draw more attention to the garage door to create an attractive setting at night. Instead of relying on one floodlight to illuminate garage doors, LED strip lights or recessed spotlights will look attractive and upscale in the evening. The lights can work as a decorative accent that features warm light that is used for more than only security purposes but highlights the features on the building.

Install a Scalloped Pergola
Draw more attention to your garage door and take its design up a notch by installing a scalloped pergola overhead that adds a Spanish colonial touch to the exterior of your home. The feature will frame the garage door and can also be used as an area where lights or lanterns are hung for an additional decorative accent that is used to prevent the door from appearing bare. Scalloped pergolas are affordable to install and offer a classic design that will continue to look attractive for many years to come.

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