About Sectional Doors

A Sectional Door is a simple, low maintenance product that is offered in a variety of sizes. They are available in many different materials, providing one of the most versatile of door types. Sectional Doors are available in several gauges of steel as well as aluminum and fiberglass, which facilitates their use with a variety of architectural motifs.

Where fenestration is required, the Sectional Door offers many options from small, oval vision lites to full glazed aluminum sections. Glass is available in thicknesses from DSB to 1/2″ (12.7 mm) thick. Insulated glass, wire glass, Plexiglas lites and vision panels can be specified. Glazing can either be clear or tinted.

Numerous insulation packages make Sectional Doors the ideal product for interior temperature control considerations. Polystyrene and Polyurethane insulation are available with R factors up to 16.4 tested (U= .06 tested). Insulation options include laminated matt, steel or fiberglass back panels, bonded steel foam construction and foam injected, double faced steel sections.

The Sectional Door can be chain operated, motor operated or manually operated. Special, high cycle springs will increase standard door life expectancy to 100,000 cycles of use. Special manufacturing criteria can be employed that will allow most Sectional Doors to withstand winds up to 43 pounds per square foot (2.06 Kpa). The sectional configuration allows the easy addition of special section cutouts, exhaust ports and louvers. Removable mullions make the Sectional Door the logical choice for large aircraft hangar applications.

Sectional doors can accommodate a wide range of applications including loading docks, service stations, fire stations, restaurants, and many others. They offer many glazing options and can be equipped with a pedestrian pass door in many cases.