50 Garage Door Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

A garage door can make up a large portion of your home's exterior design. Lucky for us, they have come a long way from the boring builder-grade choices. Take inspiration from some of our favorite designs to add instant beauty to any home.

Get Inspired

Looking to give your home's curb appeal a boost? Consider upgrading your garage door. This feature can make up a third or more of your home’s front façade, so swapping a basic door for a garage door design with more character will have a huge impact on its overall look and feel.

Garage doors come in a wide range of styles, materials and colors. Take your home’s architecture into account when choosing a new door. Carriage-style garage doors, designed to resemble the doors of old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage houses, are a popular choice for traditional homes. For a more modern home, aluminum-and-glass doors are a sleek, striking option.

If replacing your garage door isn’t in your budget, try our easy ideas for upgrading it in a weekend or less. By adding a fresh coat of paint and new hardware, you can customize a plain door in no time.

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