5 Garage Door Safety Tips from Ramirez Overhead Doors

At Ramirez Overhead Door, we take garage door safety seriously and we hope you do, too.

To keep you safe in your garage, we’ve put together a list of garage door problems that can lead to injuries if you aren’t careful.

Common garage door injuries range from getting fingers caught between sections of the door to malfunctioning doors that fall, to injuries from broken springs and the myriad of others caused when you try to repair your garage door yourself.

The good news is that injuries can be avoided. Below are some garage door safety tips to follow this month and every month.

Check the cables. If you check the cables that attach to your springs, you can see if they are frayed or breaking. If you notice significant wear like this, contact a technician and schedule an appointment. If a cable breaks, it can result in very serious injury.

Replace old springs. Garage door springs are vital to your garage door working safely. As the springs get older, they break, which can be dangerous. Make sure to get your springs checked by a professional regularly, especially if the doors are older. And when you replace them, always choose to replace both (if your garage door uses two), even if only one is broken.

Maintain regular service. No matter how old your garage door is, you should get it serviced once a year by professionals. Our team can ensure that every component of your garage door system is working properly. This isn’t just for safety reasons, but for cost too. Regular garage door service can save you on costly repairs.

It’s not DIY it’s NDIY: When it comes to garage door repair, we say “Never Do It Yourself.”  It can be tempting to try to install a garage door or repair one on your own, but please don’t do it. We’d rather you sit back, relax, and let us handle the job. Ramirez Overhead Door technicians are experts and stand by the work they do for businesses and homes.

Don’t ignore a struggling door. When your door isn’t moving up and down normally, or if it is making sounds like creaking or crunching, it should be checked by a garage door technician. Sometimes springs can become out of balance and cause the door to not move properly. Other times, it can be normal wear-and-tear, especially if it is an older door.

Let this summer be about enjoying time with family and friends, not about trips to the ER from faulty garage door parts or after a DIY project goes awry. Contact the team at Ramirez Overhead Door in Vacaville and let us handle the work so you and your loved ones can stay safe and secure.

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