4 Tips to Select the Right Garage Door for Your Home and Budget

It may be the biggest feature of the front of your home. Even if it’s tucked to the side, it’s still big and very noticeable. When it’s time to replace your garage door, you’re not only making an investment in the security of your home; you can add a beautiful new look! Increasing the curb appeal of your home can even increase its value. Here are 4 things to consider.
Start with the material. Steel is the most popular material for garage doors. Steel is easy to maintain and can be insulated to be more energy efficient. Wood is another choice. You pay for a beautiful, natural look with increased maintenance. Wood doors need to be repainted or re-stained on a regular basis. Aluminum is the least expensive garage door in some instances and very expensive in others. It’s light which makes it easy to open manually and good for large openings. Today’s aluminum doors are sturdier than older aluminum doors and may have dent-resistant laminated panels. The least expensive aluminum doors may have panels made of other materials such as high-density polyethylene.
Match your home. Today’s garage doors come in many different styles. You can find a door that looks like the opening to a walled Spanish mission for your territorial home. Go architectural and modern with the look of smoked glass panels in a sleek frame. If your home is All-American and you want a traditional panel garage think about spicing it up with extra features.
Color. If you can match the color of your trim, go for it. It will give you a tied together look. If you want to be bold, paint your front door the same color as your garage door. Don’t go too bright – that garage door is big.
Windows. Don’t underestimate what the addition of windows can do to add a stylish look to your garage. Try to match the shape or design of the windows in your home for a very chic, tied-together look. A hint. Have the windows frosted because (choose one)
  1. You don’t want the neighbors to see your mess, or
  2. You don’t want a thief to see all the valuables you have stored in your garage.
Have fun. Take your time. Some garage door manufacturers have apps on their websites that let you upload a photo of your home and try different styles so you can get a clear idea of what looks good with your home. When you’re ready to buy, contact a locally-owned garage door company. They’ll know the most about your climate and can help you make good decisions on materials and insulation.

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