This Home Improvement Project Brings You the Most ROI

Have you ever wondered which home improvement projects actually give you the most return on investment (ROI)? While a new backyard patio may sound nice, you may not actually recoup your investment. If you want to maximize your home improvement ROI, focus on the garage.

According to the new 2018 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, an upscale garage door replacement is the best value out of the 21 midrange and upscale remodeling projects evaluated.

Increase the value of your home

It may seem insignificant, but doing an upscale garage door replacement can increase your home’s value when you are ready to resell it. The study says that the approximate cost for the replacement would be $3,470 while value at home resale is $3,411. In other words, the replacement practically pays for itself. It’s the best value of any remodeling project for your home.

So, the amount of money you recoup when replacing your garage door is 98.3 percent. The average amount recouped for the rest of the 21 projects studied is only 69 percent.

Homeowners notice the difference

Many homeowners underestimate the impact a garage door replacement can have on a house’s aesthetic. Yet, the powerful results make sense. When you replace your garage door, you are giving the front of your house a makeover and changing how it is visually perceived. It gives your entire home a facelift.

For three years running, Clopay has run the imagineNation Makeover Contest. Pat Lohse, Clopay’s VP of Marketing, says the contest has demonstrated the impact homeowners have seen from garage door replacement.

“Many entrants write that they love pulling into their driveway at the end of the day and seeing the new door(s),” Lohse said. “Nearly all of them, regardless of the cost of the door, say they wish they had upgraded the look sooner because it has made such a difference.”

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Replacing Garage Door is a Top ROI Project in the Home

Is there a home improvement project you’ve always dreamed about undertaking? Have you ever wondered if that project would earn your money back?

Every year Remodeling magazine releases a study known as the “Cost vs. Value Report” that highlights home improvement projects with the most return on investment (ROI). For three consecutive years, “replacing a home’s garage door” has been listed among the two best projects a homeowner can undertake to recoup investment upon selling the home.

According to the 2020 study, a homeowner will recoup 94.5% of the value of replacing a garage door. This home improvement project was ranked behind only a Manufactured Stone Veneer, which recoups 95.6% of value. In the previous two years, the garage door replacement was listed as the top ROI home improvement project. Consequently, one thing is certain: the garage door is a project worth investing in.

The difference of a door

Ultimately, a door influences your home’s design. When you install a new garage door for an attached garage, it enhances the aesthetic of your entire home. Think of it as a home facelift; if the appearance of the front of your home improves, it will attract more buyers.

Years ago, garage doors were often perceived to be generic, interchangeable or even “monolithic.” Today, though, there are an array styles to choose from, and design is an important consideration. For example, in recent years, carriage style garage doors have become an elegant, popular choice. These doors convey a sense of charm or rusticity that has become popular with homebuyers.

Are there brains behind the beauty?

A new garage door is a sight to behold. But is there a way to make your garage intelligent and innovative enough to the meet the needs of your daily life?

Just as garage doors have evolved over the years, LiftMaster® garage door openers have advanced to make your garage smarter, offering you conveniences and capabilities you might not have imagined.

Powered by myQ® technology, a LiftMaster garage door opener enables you to control, secure and monitor your garage from your smartphone through the myQ app. With the myQ app, you can benefit from on-the-go management of daily activities, like never having to wonder if the garage door was left open, receiving real-time alerts when children arrive home from school, remotely letting in the dog walker or service person and using In-Garage Delivery to keep your packages safe and secure. Plus, introducing a myQ smart garage to your home opens up the ability to scale the number of home entry points you have control and insight over when you add myQ Smart Cameras and Locks. myQ also works with a variety of smart home products such as Google Assistant,, Vivint and Xfinity Home, so you can control and automate multiple smart home devices from one platform. It’s clear that giving smart capabilities to your home’s main access point is, well, smart.

So, if you are looking for a project that will increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value—and offer extra convenience and insight—consider replacing your garage door and garage door opener.