Intellicore Temperature Test

We put our Intellicore® insulated doors to the test! Watch the Temperature Test.

MyQ Remote Light Control from LiftMaster

Plug in any lamp inside your house to the MyQ Light Control & adjust it with your smartphone or garage door opener remote control. Requires LiftMaster® Internet Gateway for smartphone control.

Garage Doors and Curb Appeal

Dan Watkins discusses what garage doors can do for the curb appeal for your home. A third of the entire space of your house is the garage door. Don’t you want it to look good?

Ramirez Custom Overhead Doors Doors is Northern California’s source for quality, low cost garage doors. We are a locally owned, father and son full service garage door company proud to have served the needs of residents in Napa, Solano and the surrounding area since 1987.

My Garage Door Won’t Fully Open, LiftMaster Model 8500W Wall Mount Opener

This video demonstrates what to do if your wall mounted, garage door won’t fully open. LiftMaster garage door openers are designed to stop if they sense resistance or an obstruction while opening. The LiftMaster model used in the video is the 8500W wall mounted opener.

LiftMaster WLED Garage Door Opener

The WLED garage door opener features Corner to Corner Lighting™ to illuminate your entire garage. Our purpose-built, long-lasting LED system is engineered to deliver daylight-like light to every corner of your garage, allowing you to do more in the space.