Garage Haunted House – HALLOWEEN 2018

We have a garage haunted house for Halloween 2018!! I’m really excited to show you guys the finished product of our garage haunted house!

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Light & Reversing Sensors | Turn On/Off

The reversing sensors by Chamberlain are set up when someone walks thru the open garage door (and breaks the beam on the sensors) the garage door opener lights come on. While this is convenient when its dark, with kids running in and out all day it is a pain.

C.H.I. Accents Woodtones: Dark Oak

Transform your home with the warmth and appeal of an Accents garage door. Each of our distinct designs fit flawlessly with either traditional or contemporary styles. C.H.I. Overhead Door’s Accents Woodtones Dark Oak doors are available in multiple styles.

The Garage Door Makes A Difference In The Look Of Your Home

Watch the dramatic difference for a home that uses traditional looking garage doors, versus what it looks like with Wayne-Dalton Model 9700 doors.

Genie Excelerator Garage Door Opener Just Stops Part Way Up

If you’re Genie Excelerator just stops when either trying to open or close your garage door, check out this video. This issue can be an easy fix! Genie garage door openers sometimes need minor adjustments throughout the years. Garage door openers that just stop when in motion may need this adjustment.