5 Tips On How To Choose Your Garage Door

If you are looking for a new garage door to replace your old one, you are spoilt for choice. The new generation of garage doors is easy to install, safe and not expensive. Furthermore, you have quite a wide range to choose from.
– Different types of garage doors. Basically, the doors are divided into 3 different types of chain system – screw-drive system, chain drive system and computer controlled system. The screw drive system uses a lifting mechanism which moves the length of a steel rod and it is attached to your garage ceiling. The most common and affordable system is the chain drive system. As the name implies, it is made of a chain that moves the door along a pair of tracks and it is very noisy every time you open or close the garage door. For the computer drive mechanism, it makes use of a computer-controlled system which is attached above the door. It is quiet and efficient.
– Speed. When choosing a new door, it is important to consider how fast the garage door opens because it determines how long you have to wait in the driveway. Normally, a faster door costs more and even though it opens faster, it will usually still close slower for safety reasons.
– Motor power. A large motor will have the power to raise the door and last longer. Another important decision factor is the quietness of the motor. You will surely not want your neighbors to hear you opening the door each time you want to move in or out of the garage.
– Enhanced security features. With the advanced technology, new and better security features such as using random codes are used in the new generation garage doors. How does this work? Each time you use the remote control that opens the door, it will generate a new random code. This random code can only be used once. This security feature helps to prevent your garage from being opened by other people. If you have more than one garage, you will like to use a multiple button remote control to help you to manage the different garages. The fixed controller is attached on the wall near the door and this can help you to open the door of the garage when you don’t have the remote controller. Besides that, you are given sufficient time to exit the garage without running.
– Safety features. In the past, many accidents happened at the garage due to the lack of safety features on garage doors. Now, enhanced safety features are found on new doors. When the door of the garage closes too fast and hits something, the safety feature which is triggered by the electric beam will immediately prevent the door from crushing people or objects by reversing the direction. This safety feature is required by the law and is controlled by a computerized system mechanism found in the door.
If your garage door is too old or has an old motor or pulley system, I think it is time for you to change for a better and safer one.

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Residential Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage door safety is serious business. Although you may not think about it often, your garage door is the largest, heaviest moving part in or around your home. Understanding your equipment and its proper operation is crucial, as is teaching children the importance of garage door safety. An experienced maintenance and repair service is also critical to keeping your system in good working order. Read on for some important safety tips to use at home.
Become Familiar with Your Equipment and Test Regularly
Whether you installed your garage door equipment yourself or it was already in your home when you purchased it, the first step is to familiarize yourself with its components and their proper operation. Start by reading your owner’s manual, reviewing each part of the door system visually as you go and testing it according to the directions. Locate the emergency release latch and ensure that you can operate it correctly. Instruct your family members in this procedure as well, and have them take turns demonstrating their competency in using it. Once each month, test the reversing function and visually inspect all sprints, rollers, cables, track and hardware. Finally, keep your manual and service records in a handy location, easily accessible in case of emergency.
Children and Garage Doors Don’t Mix
The weight of your overhead door can deliver a deadly blow to children and adults alike. Never allow children to play with the garage equipment, automatic opener, transmitter or remote devices. Always keep remotes safely out of reach, but teach children the risks associated with the system as well, as they may encounter similar situations at the home of friends or family members. Teach them never to dodge under a moving door, and set a good example with your own actions in this regard. Ensure that wall-mounted controls are out of the reach of children, but within sight of the door. Teach children never to touch or tamper with springs and other components of the door system. Finally, keep little fingers from being pinched. If your door doesn’t have pinch-resistant joints installed between the door sections, teach kids to only touch the door handles or, better yet, to simply stay well clear of the door when it is in motion.
Utilize a Licensed Garage Door Contractor
The Door and Access Systems Manufacturers’ Association advises homeowners that the most effective way to keep garage door and automatic opener systems safe is to utilize the services of a trained door systems technician for regular inspection and maintenance services. Although monthly homeowner inspections are especially helpful for identifying potential problems before they escalate, many conditions may not be apparent to the untrained eye. In addition, many maintenance tasks require both the experience and specialized equipment used by garage door contractors. For example, the brackets located at the bottom of your door are tamper-resistant, designed to prevent criminals from loosening them in order to gain access to your home. If these brackets require adjustment to ensure complete closing, this must be performed using those specialized tools.
Using a combination of education and good safety practices will go a long way toward protecting your family, but there’s more. If you haven’t had a professional garage door inspection in the past 12 months, contact a local company today to schedule service.

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Choosing Your New Garage Door For Maximum Curb Appeal

Have you ever driven along an otherwise-attractive street and found your eyes riveted on someone’s dingy, unpainted garage door? It got your attention, but certainly not in a good way. No matter how nice the property might be, that one eyesore can change your opinion in a heartbeat. That’s because it sticks out like a sore thumb and detracts big-time from the curb appeal of that particular abode. Having seen or imagined such a spectacle, it’s easy to see what effect a similar door could have on your own garage. Stand back and take a look at your own curb appeal, and you may decide you need a new door.
Replacing a garage door is no longer a difficult job; you just need to know what to look for. Your first decision will be in the type of door you want to buy. Basic styles include roll-up, retractable, side-hinged, or sectional with hinged sections. Although any style will look lovely and add to the look of your home, most people choose doors that retract up into the ceiling of the structure as they take up the smallest amount of space.
If you’ve never had an automatic garage door, you’re in for a treat. Manual doors hardly exist any more, because the convenience of being able to open and close the door from your car has made manual doors very unpopular with consumers. Door openers keep you out of the elements and don’t require you to get out of your car outside your home when you come home late at night. They have also made the once-tight and inconvenient space more open and usable. It isn’t difficult to install an opener, and prices are nominal.
The style of the door your choose should be something that will blend in with the décor of your home. Doors come in wood, fiberglass, and steel, each with their own pros and cons. Wooden doors, although attractive, have lost a lot of favor, because they lack the durability of steel and need more maintenance to keep them looking nice. Wood also expands and contracts with the heat and cold, and it can develop unsightly cracks as it spends years exposed to the weather.
A fiberglass door is a good choice when you want to let in more light or near oceans where salt becomes a factor. Fiberglass is tough and durable and will look nice for many years with only a little cleaning. It is not necessary to paint or stain it.
Steel doors are also a good choice, because they a low-maintenance, don’t crack, warp, or otherwise succumb to the weather, and they always look stylish. They are coated so that they do not rust, and they do not need to be painted. Some of these doors have been designed with steel that’s imprinted with a wood grain so that if you choose to stain it, it will give the impression of wood. If you buy a more expensive door, it will not dent so easily. Repair, when required, can be more difficult than with the other types of doors.

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