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Garage Doors – Summer Safety Tips

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of injuries caused by garage doors happen every year. The summer months are when the majority of the garage door related accidents occur, obviously because it is when the doorway if filled with the most action, like the coming and going of children riding their bikes and playing in the driveway. The most common accidents involve doors closing on people (adults and children), fingers or hands becoming caught in the door’s sections or parts, and failed attempted home repairs. The resulting injuries often include fractures, crushed bones and body parts, and amputations. An average of 20,000 people a year are treated in hospital emergency rooms for these related injuries.
Many accidents can be attributed to faulty parts, malfunctioning doors and openers, and unsupervised children. In order to keep your family and house guests safe this summer try following these 5 garage door safety tips:
1. Keep openers and controls out of the reach of children! Never let a child play with the remote controls. Like any “toy” if a child is allowed to play with it once they will continue to play with it, even without the supervision of their parents. Don’t start a bad habit!
2. Explain the dangers of the garage door to your children. If they understand that there is danger associated with the door, and that it is not a toy then they will be less likely to put themselves in the way of harm. Many residential homes have sectional garage doors. Be sure that children know never to place their fingers or other objects between these sections.
3. Be sure that you and the other adults in your household know how to use the emergency release feature of your garage door in case an accident should occur. The owner’s manual should give the relevant instructions on this feature.
4. Inspect your door once a month. Take a look at its springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and other parts for any signs of wear and tear. For your safety, do NOT attempt to remove, adjust, or repair any of these parts or their attachments! Only a trained repair professional should handle this job. These parts are under high tension and can easily snap back causing serious injury or even death.
5. Test the safety features of your door every month. Place a small, yet durable object, like a 2×4 board in the path of the door so that it will make contact with the object on the floor as it closes. If working properly, the garage door should stop and automatically reverse direction to return to the open position once it comes in contact with the object. If it does not do both (stop and reverse), then it’s definitely time to give the professionals a call.
Prevention is the first step to making sure that your home is safe and secure for all who enter. Again, if your unit needs repairing, contact a professional garage door repair company to handle the job, for the safety of you and your family.
Every homeowner and every parent should be aware of the danger their garage door can pose to them and their family. By following a few summer safety tips you can keep your family safe and your garage door working in pristine condition.

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Garage Door Selection: Protecting Your Family and Possessions

Garages have been around for over a century now and have come a long way since the very first car owners started storing their cars in carriage houses next to their horses. The importance of having a separate building to store automobiles became apparent quickly after affluent people became tired of their vehicle smelling like manure and livestock. The first real garages were large buildings built as separate structures, and stored around 100 cars. However, after the automotive boom began to build momentum these structures became insufficient to store everyone’s cars.
The modern garage was born as an independent storage space dedicated to storing and preserving people’s automobiles. Over time the structures took on more uses in people’s lives; from workshops, to home offices, to general storage spaces, garages became not only important for cars, but also important for a whole host of other reasons. Because of this natural progression the quality and performance of garages, garage door openers, and garage doors became more important.
While most new homeowners appreciate remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, hardwood floors, and new appliances, the importance of the garage is often overlooked. This can be a costly mistake, especially if the home is in a part of the country with extreme weather conditions. Homeowners would be wise to ensure that their garage door is installed and serviced by a local company familiar with local weather conditions and issues common to that area.
Extreme weather can cause garages to malfunction, break, and even trap someone inside creating a potentially deadly situation. If garage doors and openers are installed by an inexperienced technician, the door or opener can malfunction and result in serious damage to vehicles or even injury to people. With extreme heat doors and openers made of cheap materials can warp and break while in use, creating a dangerous situation. If the garage door opener breaks in extreme heat a singles person could be trapped inside and unable to manually open the door. Even with safety mechanisms built into modern garage doors, it is possible for someone to become trapped if the wrong spring breaks.
For these reasons it is important not to overlook the selection of the door, door opener, and company that will be used. For new construction it is typical for developers to use their own suppliers, so it is wise to do independent research on this company and insist on a new option if the company seems suspect.
In addition to danger, choosing the wrong garage door supplier could be extremely costly. Door repair costs can be in the hundreds of dollars and beyond, depending on what needs to be repaired. The best policy is to do research on multiple local companies and manufacturers. You can begin by searching for local garage door companies, then noting which products they carry and install. Once an initial list of local companies is made you can read reviews of those companies and research the manufacturers they work with. Once you have identified a good local company and a few quality manufacturers you are on your way. A good garage door dealer will be able to help you select the right options for your individual needs and budget.

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